Lemon Dill Chicken Orzo Soup

I am going through a soup season in life right now. I have always been partial to soup but lately I have really been craving warmth. Fuzzy slippers, flannel pants, seat heaters, you name it. I’ve never been big on hot tubs (aesthetically or hygienically) but I’ve recently found myself day dreaming about them on more than one occasion. This can maybe be attributed to the fact that after replacing our hot water heater upon moving in, our shower, much to my dismay, just doesn’t get very hot ūüė¶ Is there anything worse than a ‘warm’ shower? The answer to this is of course yes, there are about a million worse things and this is a total first world problem…I know…. but when I’m standing under that less-than-hot spray, the burn your feet off jacuzzi day dreams come on STRONG.


So, if I can’t have a hot shower, at least I can have hot soup, right? Or perhaps I can use the hot soup to bribe my husband into calling the plumber again. You reading this babe? I think I’m on to something.

This soup is loosely based on a recipe my mom clipped out of the newspaper and became obsessed with a few years back. Hers was delicious, but I think mine is heartier. If you aren’t into orzo you could use rice (or pearl cous cous) and it would still be equally as yummy. The feta is also optional but adds a little something something I would hate to see go.

Soup with Feta
Beautiful? No. Delicious? Yes.

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The Easiest Way to Shred Chicken EVER & Musings on Life

Happy Belated President’s Day! I celebrated the under appreciated holiday by attending a Professional Development Day at school. Sitting through seminars isn’t really much of a celebration at all so if you were lucky enough to be off I sure hope you enjoyed it!

Even though my holiday was less than, I have had a pretty enjoyable last couple of weeks. I got to catch up with my girlfriends from graduate school at a speech convention. Then Robert and I attended the lovely wedding of a family friend complete with an Elvis impersonator which was pretty entertaining to say the least.

After that I got to spend a few days in Charleston visiting and volunteering with my Aunt Vanessa. She is my decorating guru and we have very similar interests in cooking and healthy eating so time spent with her is always lots of fun (and tasty!). We shopped, enjoyed a lot of delicious meals out, a few delicious meals in (including these delectable overnight oats topped with agave, fresh fruit and freshly ground nutmeg…drool!)


*Has anyone ever seen a¬†nutmeg grinder? This was new to me and I think I need one…

AND last but not least, milkshakes from a magical milkshake machine!

You choose your flavor, pop the top off and the machine sucks your cup up and returns a perfectly thick milkshake to you. So. Good. Thankfully I don’t know where one of these exists in Hilton Head or otherwise I’d be in trouble.

We did do more than just eat (hard to believe, I know). We also spent Friday evening volunteering at an event at Vanessa’s church called Night to Shine. Night to Shine is sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation¬†and is an amazing prom night experience for individuals with special needs. There’s dinner, dancing, a red carpet, limo rides, paparazzi photos, make up and shoe shines, literally everything you can imagine to make the attendees feel like Kings and Queens. Vanessa and I were food servers which was wonderful since we got to interact with many of the adults as we served them their meal. It was truly a magical night and I can’t wait to volunteer again next year. If you hear of this event taking place in your area and you have a heart for people with differing abilities I HIGHLY encourage you to find a way to help out. You will not regret it!

I came back from that trip to Charleston with a renewed desire to cook! I love to cook, but after a sad December¬†and thus a few weeks feeling awful mentally and physically and doing minimal cooking, I really hadn’t had a huge drive to get back in the kitchen.¬†It was exciting to finally be feeling like myself again. My immediate thoughts were, ‘Oh hello old friend! I’ve missed you! Let’s make something!’ But then the age old question, what exactly to make?

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Slow Saturday Breakfast: Creamed Eggs on Toast

After a pretty heavy last post, let’s get back to something lighter…at least in tone, maybe not so much in calories. Most of my breakfasts tend to be on the healthier side, oatmeal, egg and veggie scrambles, protein pancakes, the occasional green smoothie, BUT balance is important and occasionally you have to indulge. Robert’s special breakfasts are usually of the french toast variety, but I tend towards the savory side of life to start my day. This recipe is a favorite, partly because it’s delicious and partly because it’s inextricably linked to two of my favorite people; my grandparents, otherwise known as Nana and Papa.

My grandparents on their wedding day ‚̧

Grandparents are literally the best, especially mine. My childhood is full of wonderful memories of time and summers spent with them and even in my teen years, when we lived 9 hours away from them, they never hesitated to jump in the car and make the drive to be with us. They were always there for the big things; birthdays, graduations, surgeries and the seemingly insignificant, like seeing us get ready for high school¬†prom. When we went through the miscarriage they drove 6 hours¬†just to give me a hug and take me out to lunch ‚̧ Like I said, the best.


When we go to visit my grandparents there is no shortage of good food for any meal, but my grandmother always makes creamed eggs on toast for breakfast at least once during our stay. She told me it was one of the very first things she learned how to make in Home Ec class when she was in high school. I remember exactly nothing that I learned in my high school Home Ec class other than never put dish soap in a dishwasher. One of my group members made that unfortunate error and we all had to come to Saturday school for flooding the classroom.

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Bittersweet: Learning and Love after my Misoprostol Miscarriage

This is not what I normally write about. Traveling, recipes and photos of¬†my dog are things that I love. This, is a thing that I hated. But, it is a real thing, an authentic experience that I had and will continue to have for a long time and something that I’ve thought long and hard about sharing. You see, when I was in the thick of everything, I desperately wanted information. And not just the web MD type. I wanted to read other women’s stories. I wanted to know what to expect, if what I was experiencing was normal, what came ‘after’ for them. I wanted to feel a little less alone in what has to be one of the loneliest experiences there is. I scoured the internet and the stories I found either on old message boards or on blogs, were few and far between. So here is my story, my experience, this chapter that I hate in a life that I otherwise love. I wish that no other women would have to go through this, but the reality is that many will, and if it can help inform or prepare or even just help someone feel less alone, then I won’t regret sharing it. So here goes ‚̧

Today marks exactly one month. One month since I woke up excited to see our baby for the first time. One month since I drew a little heart next to ’11 weeks’ in my planner. One month since I sat on that exam table and found out there would be no baby. One month since I cried on Robert’s shoulder with my paper gown still on, saying “it’s ok, everything’s ok” and “how could this be” all in the same breath. It seems like a long time ago, but it’s only been one month.

I’ve learned a lot in one month. But first things first. First, I want to share my experience after the appointment, in all its gory detail. It was unpleasant to experience and will be unpleasant to read, so skip this part if you’ve no interest. The reason I want to share this in detail is because I got NO information from my doctor (I’ve since found a new one) and had no idea what to expect other than¬†first hand accounts¬†I found online. There weren’t many of them, so here is one more, hopefully it will help prepare someone or inform a choice.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the three of us!


P.S. Please excuse Renly’s gratuitous nudity.

In the Christmas card version of the photo we made him a little more modest with some fancy font and holly berries ūüôā See…


Oh the wonders of photo shop Holy Night.

Wishing everyone the happiest of holidays with family and friends! Merry Christmas!