Chicago! Part 2–Sue, Wrigley Field and Ramen in the Rain

Happy Friday! Now that the 4th celebrations have ended it’s time to finish recapping our wonderful weekend in Chicago. I’ll get right to it!


After breakfast on Saturday we headed to the Field Museum. Nerd Alert: I love museums of all sorts, but I figured even the boys would be in to a natural history museum, especially one across from the Bears Stadium this good. Luckily I was right! Admission was reasonable, around $12 a person and the exhibits were great!


Sue, the famous T-Rex was our favorite, but all of the animal exhibits were impressive. The hall of birds was especially amazing, literally thousands of birds. Who knew there were enough different species of ducks to fill an entire room? Not I. I could have spent days there (yes dayS) but we still had a lot of the city to see so after a few hours it was on the road again!

                              Soldier Field

We planned to have lunch at The Bongo Room, but realized half way there that they didn’t serve their lunch menu on Saturdays and no one was really in the mood for a second breakfast. Bummer. We wandered the streets in search of a backup plan and the boys growling tummies and cries for “real food” finally landed us at Al’s Italian Beef.

While this certainly wouldn’t have been my restaurant of choice, Italian beef’s are a Chicago staple (or so I hear) so I was in. An Italian Beef is basically a sub sandwich piled with shaved beef and your choice of hot or sweet peppers. From there you can decide whether you want your beef dry (no gravy), wet (some gravy) or dipped (entire sandwich dunked into a vat of gravy). Delicious? Weird? I’m still not sure.

Italian Beef
         Tastier than it appears

Although not pretty to photograph, it did taste pretty good. Kind of like a French dip…only soggier. The loaded fries were also tasty. They give you squeeze packets of sour cream which makes them taste like a baked potato which almost makes them healthy? No? Ok, yeah definitely not.

 Al's loaded fries

After lunch we made our way to Navy Pier via Divvy bikes.


I’ve seen Divvy Bikes in larger cities before but had never used one until this trip. The bike sharing concept is that you rent the bikes for  a small fee (I think it was $7 for 24 hours). You pay at a touch screen kiosk, take the bike from the docking station and can ride it for 30 minutes before you must check it back in to any docking station (and check it out again if you wish). There are hundreds of stations all over the city so you shouldn’t ever be more than a few minutes ride from one. I think the concept is great, especially in a city with so many spread out sights to see, but checking the bikes in and out every 30 minutes does get a little tedious.


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