Thailand Part 8: Koh Samui & A Full Moon Party!

We bid farewell to Mo and hopped the high speed catamaran from Koh Tao to Koh Samui. The catamaran was more expensive than the ferry we had taken on the way to Koh Tao, but it was both faster and a much smoother ride, totally worth the price increase!


We arrived in time for breakfast at our new hotel, the Waterfront which was in the Bophut district¬†of Koh Samui. Bophut was described as a ‘fishing village’ and had a little more of a quiet, family vibe than other party areas of Koh Samui. The Waterfront (right on the water as it’s name implies) was at the very end of the main street and provided the perfect base.


After a quick breakfast we checked into our rooms and showed ourselves around the hotel.



The rooms were all individual, sweet little bungalows that overlooked the beach.

Open air dining and reading area; where breakfast was served

Robert quickly proclaimed this his favorite hotel yet.

After breakfast we explored the street of Bophut, wandering in and out of shops, restaurants and of course massage parlors.


The streets of Bophut were¬†rather quiet (which I didn’t mind), and most of the shops weren’t especially unique, but there was one restaurant that caught our eye..


This elephant restaurant was huge and looked very touristy (we would find that most of the Bophut restaurants were), BUT it was across the street from this awesome outdoor space..


Elephants Everywhere.


Including some dressed as superheroes.


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