A Trip Back: Las Vegas Engagement

Happy Friday! And a happy two year engagement anniversary to me Smile As I stated a few posts ago, Robert and I got engaged two years ago today in the one and only Las Vegas and it was hands down the most fun few days of my entire life!  Getting engaged is exciting enough on its own, but a surprise engagement in sin city surrounded by loved ones took it to another level. I’m excited to share it here with all of you and have it all in writing to re-live indefinitely!

 After dinner

My parents had been planning a mini family vacation to Las Vegas for about a year before we ever actually went, so it never even occurred to me that this would be where we got engaged.

I should mention that this would be my second time in Las Vegas. I had already been once when I went with 3 girlfriends for my 21st birthday. At that time, Robert and I had been dating for a few months and when we arrived at our hotel the concierge informed me that a spa day had been booked for me for the next morning. Sneaky Robert had gotten the name of our hotel from one of my girlfriends and decided to surprise me. It was such a thoughtful gesture and I will never forget my mom telling me he was “a keeper” when I called to tell her Smile She was right about that!

So it seemed fitting that Robert and I has just started dating during my first time in Vegas, and here we were five years later planning to go back together! We used points to book our plane tickets and Robert told me that it was going to take less points for us to fly in a day ahead of my family. Since the trip was right before my birthday, he said that we would get a nice room and go out to a nice dinner to celebrate early before my parents and sister arrived the following day. He picked out a much nicer than necessary room at the Aria (the newest hotel/casino at the time) and made reservations at an expensive restaurant. I am definitely the more conservative spender in our relationship and I told him we really didn’t need to do either of those things, but he insisted that since it was his first time in Las Vegas he wanted to splurge for one night and get the whole experience. Couldn’t argue with that!

                        Airplane Selfie

Our flight got delayed twice on the way, so we pushed back our dinner reservations as soon as we got to the Aria so we wouldn’t be rushed. This was very stressful for Robert, more on that in a minute, but he played it very cool and I had no idea. The Aria was gorgeous and our room was incredible, everything was automatic, including the TV which turned on when we walked in the room and flashed a welcome message with our names across the screen. Fancy.

Aria 1  Aria 2

Aria 3 After dinner

Robert had made us dinner reservations at the Top of the World Restaurant which is located on the 106th floor of the Stratosphere Tower. The restaurant revolves which gives you 360 degree views of the Las Vegas Strip. It was certainly a blessing in disguise that we were eating so late, because the view of all the lights along the strip at night was incredible.

TOTW View 2 TOTW view

The food and service were both impeccable (and expensive) and we witnessed a few daring sky jumpers falling flying by the window as we revolved.

Robert dinner Jumpers

Robert got a little quiet towards the end of dinner but I attributed this to the fact that it was after midnight our time and he had been up since 4 A.M. When we were half way through dessert (and fresh out of wine) Robert stood up, put his hand on the table and said “Well Laurin….” and THAT is the exact moment I knew he was going to propose. I figured the only other alternative was that he was going to say “Well Laurin….I’m going to the bathroom” and that seemed like an unlikely announcement. He got down on one knee (duh) and said a lot of sweet wonderful things and of course the answer was yes Smile

 the proposal

This is where it got fun.

Robert told me to take a look up at the bar which happened to be on the second level of the restaurant, overlooking the tables. Looking down at us was a photographer who waved, snapped a few pictures and told us to enjoy our dessert and then come up to the bar where she would take some more photos. My sister had hired the “paparazzi photographer” to hide and take secret pictures of the proposal. So perfectly thoughtful and special, and nerve racking for poor Robert who had found out about the photographer the day before and knew his big moment was on display! It also explained the stress over our flight delays and changed reservation since the poor photographer had been waiting at the restaurant with only a photo of us to go on. Luckily it all worked out!


The next morning I woke up early (jet lag? excitement?) and went to the gym (I know, I know, but it was a REALLY nice gym and I couldn’t sleep in). When I got back to the room Robert had ordered room service breakfast.. He knows the way to my heart!

room service 2
                          Best Fiance ever

After breakfast we checked out of the Aria and moved to the our second hotel to meet my parents and sister. They were so excited for Robert and I and we decided to celebrate with champagne by the pool. I never thought about having my family there for my engagement but it made it so special to be able to share the moment with them. Little did I know it was about to get even more special!


As we sat by the pool I remarked several times that I couldn’t believe Robert’s mother had known this was happening and hadn’t insisted on being there (she flew to South Africa with Robert’s sister to witness her engagement!). Literally seconds later I got the shock of my life when someone came up from behind me, grabbed my face and kissed me on the cheek! Who? Robert’s mother of course!

Pool with family

His parents had flown in to surprise us and boy did they ever pull it off! His sister was even sending texts making it seem like they were still in South Carolina. Amazing! This engagement literally kept getting better and better!

 in laws

That night my father surprised us with a limo and we all went to dinner at Caesar’s Palace.

limo group Limo

With some black jack for dessert of course Winking smile

after dinner gambling sister and totty 2

The next morning we headed to The Peppermill for a late brunch. The portions were huge and the mimosas were delicious. AND they had table sized fishbowl drinks for breakfast.

mimosas  peppermill breakfast

mimosas 3  peppermill group

the men  women

After brunch we shopped and strolled the strip, checking out all the amazing hotel lobbies.

Thankful for all the little surprises my sister planned that made the trip so special!


 That night we went to dinner at the Bellagio

Pre show  dinner before La Reve

and then had tickets to see Le Reve “The Dream”.

Mom and girls  sisters before la reve

Le Reve  Daddy

                         Love my family

I love cirque de soleil and have always wanted to see their water show “O” but it was on break BOTH times I was in Las Vegas. Le Reve was also a water show and had great reviews so we booked tickets. It was absolutely amazing, I still haven’t seen O but I can’t imagine anything would even compare to this. If you are in Las Vegas and like cirque type shows, this is absolutely a MUST see!

Le reve 2  Le reve 3

La Reve 1

We spent our final day in Vegas further exploring the strip and watched a woman win $96,000 on the slots! That night we went to dinner at The Wynn Buffet. Las Vegas is known for its extravagant buffets and it was an experience we didn’t want to miss.

buffet at wynn  buffet at wynn hay

After stuffing our faces (buffets.. oye) we headed to Fremont Street to check out Old Vegas. This area is considered downtown and was Vegas before the huge hotel/casinos moved in on the strip.

fremont 2 fremont group

Fremont street was really cool, a sort of outdoor mall with laser lights all over the ceiling and street performers and slot machines on every corner. It was a totally different feel than the strip and one I was glad we experienced. Perfect ending to the most amazing trip!


Thanks for reading and letting me indulge in re-living these wonderful memories! Robert, if you are reading this (and you better be Winking smile) Happy Engagement Anniversary! I sure do love you!

Engaged 3

Have a great weekend everyone!

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