New Year, New Adventures

Happy New Year! Well technically happy 7th day of the new year. Hope everyone enjoyed a special holiday season with friends and loved ones (and of course lots of yummy food for good measure). Robert and I had a rainy, yet wonderful and relaxing Christmas at home with my family, 2016 started off on the right foot as Robert and I attended the wedding of two dear friends on New Years Eve!

R and D

Ryan and Dayna, a veteran and a special education teacher (and my favorite co-worker!) are the epitome of wonderful human beings and I am so proud to call them my friends and so happy to have gotten to share in the start of their new life together!

Now we are both back at work and back in the swing of things. It was so nice to have a break but I can’t say I’m not a little excited to get back into a routine (less eating, more exercising, stat).

Renly’s resolution: More cuddling 

Last year Robert and I spent New Years in San Francisco and made a whole list of resolutions that we typed into our phones and promptly forgot about. Whoops.

I found the list a few days before the new year and we decided that rather than make a new list that would more than likely suffer the same fate as the last, we’d better just skip the whole “resolution” thing for 2016.

Never fear, we are still on the never ending quest to become kinder/smarter/more thoughtful/thinner/enlightened/insert random positive adjective here human beings, but instead of making a list, we decided to start making plans. Travel plans to be exact.

Skating 2
Ice skating in the 70 degree Christmas 2015 weather

Robert’s included a trip to Arizona to see Clemson play in the National Championship, if they made the cut on New Years Eve. Spoiler alert: THEY DID! We balked (several times) at the price of plane tickets but decided that it was a potential once in a lifetime event that he simply couldn’t miss. So he’s going! Renly and I will be happily cheering the Tigers on from the couch and hopefully booking the next big plan: Thailand!

Thailand has long held the number one spot at the top of my bucket list and I have finally convinced Robert that there’s no time like the present! The fact that several of our friends have traveled there recently probably also didn’t hurt in helping him realize that although Thailand IS on the other side of the world, it ISN’T Mars.

So, when he gets back from Arizona next week, it’s on to the next adventure! Or at least booking the plane tickets. If you’ve ever been to Thailand and have ANY suggestions or advice, I would love to hear from you!  In the mean time, I plan to start re-capping one of my favorite trips thus far, Italy! My sister and I went for a few weeks a few summers ago and it was fabulous! Great bonding, great food, great wine, I can’t wait to re-live it and share it with you! Stay tuned!

Ice Skating
We’re going to Thailand! 

Sorry none of the pictures in this post make any sense…I didn’t have any that were appropriate to the content and this was the best I could do.

Oh yeah, and HAPPY 2016! Make the most of it!


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