Girls’ Weekend in DC!

Happy Tuesday! After another busy weekend away I am back to the grind and ready to recap my super fun extended weekend in DC with my best friend Caite! Caite and I have been best friends since high school and I was so glad she made a trip down to SC to visit me last April, so it was high time I returned the favor!

Caite and I

She lives in Virginia so we made big plans to meet in DC for the weekend, and by ‘we’ I mean ‘she’ because she planned our entire trip and boy did she do a great job!

Caite met me at the airport late Thursday evening and we went straight to our AirBnB in the city. I have never used AirBnB before but Caite is a pro and she was not overly impressed with our digs. We stayed in the bottom of a row house that had been turned into a one bedroom apartment.

Our “Row”

It was clean and the location was great but our upstairs neighbors were horrendously loud (or maybe they own horses?). Oh well, it was a bed and a shower which is more or less all we required.

On Friday morning we grabbed some delicious vanilla latte’s at The Coffee Bar, a hip little coffee shop around the corner and hit the streets!

One of my favorite things about big cities is that you can walk almost everywhere. Walking everywhere with a latte that has coffee art in the foam is an added bonus.

We popped into a few cute shops before deciding it was time for a big late breakfast, Ted’s Bulletin to the rescue!

Ted's Bulletin

When Robert and I were last in DC a few years ago our friend Bud raved about Ted’s Bulletin and their homemade pop tarts so I was excited to check it out.

Caite and I agreed to split one but were both way too full by the time we actually finished our food… next time!

After breakfast we did a little more shopping and then decided to make up for our missed poptarts and satisfy our sweet tooth with a few macarons.

We ogled all the pretty colors and unique flavors and went all in for the sampler pack.

Olivia Macaron 3

As always with macarons I thought they looked a lot prettier than they actually tasted (I’m looking at you fruity pebbles…bleh). The almond and salted caramel were pretty yummy but I won’t be converting to a macaron lover any time soon (Ice cream forever!).

With our wallets almost empty and our sugar craving satisfied, we headed to DryBar for our blowouts!

Dry Bar

Caite is my own personal hair and makeup guru (Confession…I just bought my first ever eyelash curler..I’m clueless) so it was only fitting that my first blowout experience be with her. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but it was fun and pretty nice feeling pampered! It’s like getting your hair cut only without the cutting…just a wash and style (which is kind of the best part of a haircut anyway, amiright? You choose your style from a ‘menu’ and they have movies playing and drinks available while you’re in the chair, so no awkward chatting between you and your unknown stylist….sign me up!

After a pitstop to change clothes, we headed to Barcelona for our dinner reservations. Barcelona was a pretty swanky tapas bar with a huge wine list… and sherry selection, who knew that was a thing?


The food was great and a wine dinner with your best friend is pretty priceless 🙂

We stopped by Masa14, a sushi bar with yummy spiked strawberry lemonades, for a cocktail on our way home.

Masa 14

The next morning we met Caite’s friends Parker and Christie for brunch at Agora, a Turkish restaurant.

Agora offers a ‘bottomless brunch’ which includes anything you want from the entire menu as well as unlimited alcohol. We all opted to partake and the waitress brought us course after course of dips and pita, cheeses, flatbreads and even french toast and a grilled cheese sandwich! Mmmm.

Agora Brunch

We all decided to order Turkish coffee to cap off the meal…and to attempt to have our fortunes read in the coffee grounds.

Turkish coffee is barely sweetened and pretty thick. There is a lot of “sludge” left behind once you finish your cup which can be swirled around and interpreted like tea leaves. According to the ‘pile’ my grounds made there will be riches coming my way…let’s hope that prediction is more accurate than my fortune cookies!

After our leisurely brunch we walked to Right Proper Brewing Company for a few drinks before parting ways to get ready for the evening.


The four of us met back up a few hours later at 2 Birds 1 Stone for a light dinner and drinks. The bar was below street level and a bit hard to find, but the inside was tiny and cozy. Their menu was Asian inspired and small so we ordered two of everything.

The hot cashews were SUPER hot, the Shrimp Chips and chili dip were strange but I oddly couldn’t stop eating them, the olives were delicious as were the pork buns and the spicy beef was absolutely to die for.

After dinner we stopped by a few more bars before making our way to the highlight of the evening, the drag show at Town!

Adele at Town
‘Adele’ Performer – hilarious

This was my first drag show experience and it was a blast! The Emcee was hilarious and kept the show moving and the audience cracking up.

Some of the drag queens were clearly men dressed as women while others were really beautiful and  looked like females! All of them were great dancers and put on a very entertaining show.

We spent the rest of the evening dancing until it was time to call it a night!

The next morning Caite and I checked out of our AirBnB and drove to Fredericksburg to spend the night with her boyfriend before I flew home the next day. We recovered from our big night out with hamburgers and donuts from The Sugar Shack.

Sugar Shack

All in all it was a fantastic weekend! Not great for my waistline or my bank account but definitely good for my soul and so very worth it 🙂 Til next time!

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