Life Since Thailand & Leftover French Toast

Goodness, A LOT has happened since I first started documenting our trip to Thailand. I went back to work, Robert and I both celebrated a birthday, we spent a fun weekend in Charleston with our Aunt and Uncle celebrating the wedding of a friend, I planned my next trip (Maine! More on that later) and oh yeah, we survived a HURRICANE! Per usual, life has been a little busy.

So lets sum it all up rather quickly shall we?

My birthday was fabulous! Robert treated me to a fancy dinner and built me my dream porch bed swing! I had a great celebration with his family and my sweet niece made me my favorite dessert…from scratch! She is an amazing baker and young lady!

To top it all off I got to host a birthday dinner for my dear friend Justice just a week after mine. We played power hour (so college) and she and Lindsay taught me how to use snap chat (still don’t get it) so it was pretty fabulous.

We then spent a wonderful weekend in Charleston with Robert’s aunt Vanessa and Uncle John, remember them from Bermuda? They were gracious enough to host us while we attended a local wedding and we had a great time! Vanessa and I have very similar culinary tastes so it’s always a treat to see what fun (and usually healthy) recipes she is serving!

Look at this beautiful table!

That weekend it was a delicious shrimp stir-fry with forbidden black rice for dinner and blueberry quinoa for breakfast…a recipe I will definitely be replicating!

That brings me to Robert’s birthday and a much less impressive breakfast recipe. Robert LOVES french toast, and considering I am much more likely to be making blueberry quinoa type recipes for breakfast, he rarely gets it.


Robert always makes a big deal out of my birthday, so I wanted to do the same for his, and I decided french toast for breakfast would make the start of his day special. As I was planning his bday breakfast, I remembered that we had had friends over the Thursday before to grill out and watch the Clemson game, and I had leftover hotdog buns.


Lightbulb! I hate wasting food (and hate going to the grocery store solely to buy a loaf of bread) so I thought I’d try my hand at some hotdog bun french toast. I figured if it didn’t work out I’d dump it and treat him to breakfast out instead. Win-Win.

I flattened the buns, mixed up my normal french toast batter and briefly dipped them since I knew hotdog buns become soggy very quickly. Much to my pleasant surprise they cooked quickly and turned out great!

In fact, Robert proclaimed it the best french toast he’s ever had.


Goodness I love that man 🙂

Next time you have leftover buns that would otherwise go to waste, give it a try!

Leftover Bun French Toast


Leftover Hotdog or Hamburger Buns

2 Whole Eggs (beaten)

1/4 Cup Milk

1 tsp Cinnamon

1/4 tsp vanilla extract (optional)


  1. In a large bowl, combine eggs, milk, cinnamon and vanilla if using. Mix well.
  2. Heat a large skillet over medium and spritz with cooking spray.
  3. Quickly dip buns in the egg mixture, do not soak, just a quick dip to ensure coverage.
  4. Cook for several minutes on each side until browned
  5. Top with powdered sugar and syrup and serve immediately!



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