30th Birthday in the Big Apple: New York Part 2

Of course we decided that our first full day in the city must begin as every proper day in the city does, with a very good bagel. We made our way down to Best Bagel and Coffee, a hole in the wall with great yelp reviews (always sure to be a winner!).

Best Bagel

There was already a line out the door but it seemed to be moving quickly so we joined the queue. Once inside it looked more or less like your run of the mill bagel shop with endless tubs of flavored cream cheese and baskets full of bagels.

Although I was dying for lox (no smoked fish while expecting :() Robert and I both opted for variations on egg and cheese bagel sandwiches.

Best Bagel Sandwich

They were of course delicious and very filling. Stuffed, we gave up our table and walked towards the subway, Central Park bound!


I find the subways more than a little confusing but they are definitely the most budget friendly and often the quickest way to traverse the city. Enter our first real adventure of the trip: Robert made it on to the subway car headed for Central Park and I didn’t. In case you are under the impression that Subway doors are like elevators and you can stick your arm out to cause one to re-open, they aren’t.

Luckily a few kind New Yorkers saw what had happened and took pity on me before I became full blown Home Alone 2 Lost in New York. They told me which car to take and where to get off. Meanwhile Robert was busy sending me text messages that read: “I miss you.” Very helpful under the circumstances.

Trump Towers

Soon enough we were reunited and found ourselves in front of  Trump Tower (Gross) and right outside the park! We bought a map and started at the south entrance.


I had been to New York several times prior to this trip but Central Park was one landmark I had never experienced and I couldn’t wait to check it out.

Central Park 3

We took our time meandering through the park, stopping at the Literary Walk to listen to a sweet little musical quartet.



Checking out artist booths as we walked along the mall.


Watching the row boats from the Bethesda Terrace.


And my favorite, the Alice in Wonderland monument.



Once we’d had out fill of the park and started to get hungry for lunch we made our way to Shake Shack. There are few things in life Robert loves more than a good cheeseburger so I knew we had to give it a try.

We ordered the Shack Stack and some cheese fries to share. If you’ve never had a shack stack, it’s a must, a cheeseburger topped with a deep fried portobello mushroom filled with cheese…yes, it was as delicious as it sounds.

Shake Shack

We then spent some time wandering in and out of a few shops, stopping for an iced coffee at Magnolia Bakery on our way back towards 5th Avenue.


We walked, window shopping through the designer shop filled avenue until my lower back said it was time to head back to the hotel and rest. After a nap and a shower it was time for our show, The Book of Mormon.


Robert had never been to a show before so I thought choosing a comedy would pique his interest a bit more than your run of the mill musical. The Book of Mormon was written by the creators of South Park and and I forgot just how out there they can be. It is definitely NOT for the easily offended, but Robert and I both found it very funny and entertaining. The performers and musicians all did a phenomenal job.


After the show we decided to find a bite to eat since we hadn’t eaten dinner beforehand. We walked a few blocks to Adel’s Famous Halal and gorged ourselves on street gyros. Gyros themselves not pictured because they taste 8 million times better than they look in pictures.

Adels 4

We decided to call it a night and resisted the urge to buy fake watches and purses on our way back to our hotel. Up next, 30!

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