Birthday(s) in Bermuda – Part 2

Our second full day in Bermuda started with breakfast at our hotel followed by a ferry into town. Our hotel provided a complimentary ferry across the bay into Hamilton which was very convenient.

IMG_1600  IMG_1610

Once we made it into town we got our bearings and explored a few cute shops on the way to the Hog Penny Pub.

IMG_1614 IMG_1617

The Hog Penny held a special significance to my brother-in-law since it was where his parents first met many years ago. His father was in the military and his mother was on vacation. They met at the pub, fell in love and have refused to return to Bermuda since for fear that it wouldn’t live up to their wonderful memories. So romantic!


Of course we all wanted to check it out after that story so we decided to stop in for lunch.


I decided to try the Bermuda Fish Chowder. The chowder is considered the national dish of Bermuda so of course every restaurant on the island puts their own unique spin on it.  It’s a tomato based stew with large chunks of fish and veggies, typically seasoned with black rum and hot pepper sauce.


It was delicious and my aunt who had tried the dish at lunch the previous day claimed that the Hog Penny version was much better.

IMG_1623  IMG_1624

After lunch we headed to the harbor to meet the captain of the pontoon boat we had chartered for the afternoon.

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