California Part 5–San Francisco! China Town, Coit Tower and Grace Cathedral

TGIF! Between new recipes and my trip to Charleston it’s been a while since my last California recap. In case you need a refresher, check out the first leg of San Francisco HERE.


I last left you at Fisherman’s Wharf on our way to China Town for lunch. I couldn’t wait to check it out and see how similar it was to actually being in China after my trip there a few years back. Dear Robert didn’t quite know what to expect but was open to some new dining experiences. Have I mentioned he scores quite low on the adventurous eating scale? Burgers and fries every day if he had his way.


As we entered China Town I immediately felt like I was back in Shanghai! Almost everyone was speaking mandarin and the open air shops were haphazardly, jam packed with traditional foods and goods, just like I remembered.

IMG_0549 IMG_0550


Also worth noting, check out the laundry hanging out to dry. I remember from my trip to China that the people there did not like to use clothes dryers as they believe they are bad for your health…looks like this tradition has carried over here as well!


We enjoyed browsing as we walked the busy streets in search of the Great Eastern Restaurant. I had read several reviews about how great their dim sum was and thought it sounded like the perfect lunch spot. We were seated rather quickly despite the fact that they were busy, and I was happy to see the menu came with pictures. The restaurant looked a little dated but the servers in their cute green jackets were prompt, if not the most helpful. Dim Sum is small plates that are either ordered from a menu or chosen from a rolling cart pushed around the restaurant. I choose a variety of dishes that I thought Robert would enjoy and the food came out fast! We had stuffed mushrooms, steamed dumplings and fried crab balls with the claw still sticking out.

IMG_0561 IMG_0563

IMG_0564 IMG_0569

We also ordered some soft shrimp dumplings that had a unique (re totally weird) presentation. They came out in a big pile on the plate and our waitress proceeded to cut them up with a pair of kitchen shears before she handed them over. Robert and I both shot each other the “Let’s hope those are clean” look before tucking in….when in Rome!


The food was tasty and we both agreed the steamed pork buns were our favorite. I was proud of my somewhat picky husband for trying everything with an open mind.

IMG_0572 IMG_0570

After lunch we headed up the street to the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory. It was tucked away down an alley and surprisingly tiny for being such a well known spot.

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