Birthday(s) in Bermuda – Part 3

Our final full day in Bermuda began with a big breakfast while we made plans to head to the beach!

                      Oatmeal forever ❤

Although we had visited the beach briefly on our day of scooter touring, we hadn’t really gotten a chance to relax in the pink sand or enjoy the cool waves. We decided to spend the day at Horseshoe Bay, one of Bermuda’s top rated and most beautiful beaches.


Once we arrived, we discovered that the beach definitely lived up to it’s reputation and was thankfully not very crowded.


The beach was very wide and peppered with wonderful rock formations that created quiet little coves to explore.

IMG_1779 IMG_1786

Robert and I walked up and down the beach, stopping for plenty of photo opp’s and to admire the “pink” sand.

IMG_1782 IMG_1795

The sand DOES have a slightly pink hue, thanks to tiny red organisms that grow under the coral reefs and get washed to shore.


When we made our way back to our towels, the rest of our group was hanging in the waves!


I of course had forgotten my swim shirt (bummer) and was nervous about getting too much sun on my back so Robert and I decided to climb some of the tall rocks for a great vantage point instead.

IMG_1809 IMG_1817

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