Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the three of us!


P.S. Please excuse Renly’s gratuitous nudity.

In the Christmas card version of the photo we made him a little more modest with some fancy font and holly berries 🙂 See…


Oh the wonders of photo shop Holy Night.

Wishing everyone the happiest of holidays with family and friends! Merry Christmas!




Renly is two! And a lazy girl laundry tip…

My sweet puppy is two! Ok technically he is two plus a week because his birthday was last Tuesday. Luckily for me, he doesn’t know that, so we were able to celebrate this weekend. Yes, I am a crazy dog lady who celebrates my dog’s birthday. No, I am not one of those crazy dog ladies who throws an all out birthday party for their dog….yet. Give me a few years and a not full time job and I just may turn the corner.


     We celebrated Renly’s 2nd birthday the same way we celebrated his 1st, with a trip to the beach! The beach is one of Renly’s very favorite places. In order to qualify as one of Renly’s favorite’s a place needs only one thing….other dogs. People who will pet him are a close second. This means my dog loves the vet equally as much as he loves the dog park, and just about everywhere in between.

Kayaking-2.jpg  Kayaking-3.jpg                                   Kayaking 1         Kayaking-4.jpg

The rest of our weekend consisted of a birthday celebration for a friend and another for my father-in-law, a kayaking trip with Robert’s family (not Renly’s cup of tea) and the usual Sunday errands; stocking up at the grocery store, cleaning the house and doing the laundry. I don’t mind washing clothes (cleaning toilets is a different story) but boy do we seem to do a lot of it. For just two people, Robert and I average about three loads a week! I seem to recall doing laundry once every three weeks in college…I also rarely cleaned a toilet, oh the good old days. So how do two people make that many dirty linens? This may have something to do with it…..


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Slow Saturday Breakfast: Broccoli, Ham and Cheddar Frittata


Ahh the weekend. Is there anything better? Sleeping in, spending time with friends and family and my personal favorite … not wearing pants. Kidding about that last one, although I do think it’s liberating to wear your PJ’s (or lack there of) for as long as you can on Saturday. My real favorite thing about the weekends is breakfast. I love all things breakfast through and through but weekend breakfasts are special. When you aren’t rushing out the door to the gym or work your breakfast options multiply exponentially. Robert and I are both typically out the door by 6:00 a.m. so quick and easy is the name of the game Monday-Friday. During the weekend I like to take full advantage and make a bigger, slower breakfast that we can actually sit down and eat together while talking over a cup of coffee, heaven. Pancakes of all varieties reigned supreme all summer but lately I have been really into frittatas.


Finished 2


Frittatas are really nothing more than an egg casserole but they look and feel so much fancier. Almost every time I make one Robert says “Wow, you could make this for guests!”. So friends, if you would like to come over for breakfast, my husband has declared my frittatas company-worthy! So come on over, pants optional Smile


Frittatas are easier than omelets and are also endlessly customizable. I’ve found that the ones I make by using up whatever ingredients I have on hand always taste equally as good as the ones I plan with specific tastes in mind. This weekend’s frittata was of the “clean out the fridge” variety. I had ham, green onions, broccoli and a partial block of cheddar all left over from the weeks various meals. The most labor intensive part of the entire process was shredding the cheese which is exactly the difficulty level I like in a recipe…little to none.


Broccoli and Ham          Cheddar          Frittata


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Another Girl with a Dog and a Blog….


“Congratulations, you’ve decided to start a blog!” I imagine this is the first line of Blogging for Dummies. I haven’t actually purchased this book, but I probably should (and still might). I’m not really sure there is a cool way to start your first blog post…perhaps a self-important introduction? A favorite recipe (lots later, promise)? A shout out to your mom (Hi mom!)?


“Cool” is probably not my most accurate attribute anyway so we’ll just start here: My name is Laurin. I love to cook. I love to travel. I like to write and I really love to read. Books are some of my very favorite things, but a fair amount of what I read these days is on the internet, specifically blogs. I find it endlessly fascinating to glimpse the lives of others through my computer; their food, their trips, their thoughts on life’s most pressing questions, like whether the cookie dough in ice cream is actual cookie dough or just delicious congealed chemical swirls? I know I’m not the only one who questions this…


So naturally, reading and enjoying enough blogs led me to consider that perhaps I should join in and create my own. It would be a creative outlet, I could share recipes, and travel stories, and pictures of my adorable dog! Which naturally led to me thinking of a million reasons why that was a terrible idea. Did I really have anything interesting to say? Would anyone like my recipes? Would they care about places I’d been? What if no one cares about my life, or worse, what if they don’t think my dog is cute? That last thought led me to realize just how absurd these fears were because here is my sweet puppy Renly

 Ren 2

and I’ve yet to meet someone who didn’t find him cute. So I decided I should start a blog, then I decided that I shouldn’t, then I decided that I should…and so on and so forth…for M.O.N.T.H.S.


Then one day, after yet another back and forth internal debate about blogging, I opened up my favorite distraction, aka Instagram and I kid you not the first thing that popped up on my feed was one of those annoying inspirational image quotes that said “You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do? You should go do them”. I know I know, clichéd, but also true. Best case scenario: I enjoy writing this, you enjoy reading this, maybe you even make (and hopefully enjoy) one of my recipes, we become friends (yay!) or at least internet friends which is kind of weird but still pretty neat. Worst case scenario: I came up with a lot of insane worst case scenarios but realistically, the worst that could happen and actually affect my life is that I do not enjoy blogging and it becomes a chore. In which case I would just, well…stop, which is really not such a bad worst case scenario. So here I am, another girl with a dog, and now a blog. Just what the internet needs, right? Probably not, but maybe it is just what I need, and I think that will be enough.

– Laurin