A Trip Back: Italy Part 9 – Amalfi, The Best Neopolitan Pizza on the Planet & Farewell to Italy

We woke up to beautiful sunshine and decided to start our first full day in Amalfi by the pool. After non-stop tours through the rest of Italy we were more than ready to relax.

The view from our balcony

Since our hotel was built into the mountain side it was full of curvy steps and endless terraces which we enjoyed exploring on our way down to the pool.


Looking back up towards our room

We came across a second restaurant in the hotel where people were enjoying lunch with a view.


The pool was built right into the rocks on one of the lower levels, further down still were steps leading right into the ocean.


We both braved a brief swim but the currents were a little strong to go too far out.


The view into town from the pool was absolutely stunning, pastel colored buildings with red tiled roofs built right into the mountainside.



As the afternoon wore on we decided to get cleaned up and go into town for an early dinner.


We perused some of the shops on our way into town. Amalfi is best known for their beautiful lemon groves and famous limoncello. 

Terraced Lemon Groves


We decided to stop for dinner at Il Teatro, a quaint little trattoria tucked away along the winding side streets.

I got the mushroom risotto which was absolutely to die for and Haley opted for the lobster ravioli. A three piece band came in half way through our meal and made their way around the restaurant, playing while we dined.


After dinner we went back to our hotel to get a drink and call it a night!

We made our way back into town bright and early the next day. Stopping to take plenty of photos along the way. Although the stairs are plentiful, the walk into town was always lovely.


We strolled along the waterfront and the winding alleyways in town.

We came across several fountains and small grottos decorated with miniatures and small replicas of the town, which I still don’t know the purpose of but found quite fascinating.


We visited the Duomo di Amalfi, grabbed some pizza and then headed back to the hotel for our final night.


The next morning we made a final trip into town to catch the bus back to the train station.


Goodbye Amalfi!

Our train was bound for Rome but stopped in Naples where we decided we needed one last delicious pizza before we left Italy.


If you’ve read Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love then you remember her eating her way across Italy. Of all the delicacies she describes in her books the most famous has got to be the “best pizza in the world” from Pizzeria Da Michele. It sure didn’t look like much from the outside, but we had to know if it lived up to the claim and the line was not terribly long yet, so in we went. The menu has only two choices, Pizza Marinara (sauce and dough) or Pizza Margherita (sauce, dough and mozzarella). We both opted for the Pizza Margherita.

Let me tell you, I have often found that the “famous” restaurants or dishes I have tried are unfortunately over-hyped, this was not one of them.


It was literally the best pizza I’ve ever had and probably one of the top five most delicious things I’ve ever tasted in my entire life. If you are ever in Naples, you must give this place a try. We were sad to bid adieu to beautiful, colorful, tasty Italy, but I can’t imagine a more perfect note to end the perfect trip on! Thanks for following along!

5 thoughts on “A Trip Back: Italy Part 9 – Amalfi, The Best Neopolitan Pizza on the Planet & Farewell to Italy

  1. Hi,
    Have just read all of your Italian posts and I thoroughly enjoyed them. I am doing a similar trip in July of this year (except in the reverse order) and was wondering how long your trip was in total and how many days you spent in each location? Did you travel between locations by public trains and also did you pre-book your accommodation or did you book your accommodation as you were traveling?
    Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Rachael!

      We were in Italy for just over two weeks with flight days. We spent 2 days in Venice (Plenty of time, you can really see it all in a day in my opinion), 5 days in Florence, 3 days in Rome, 1 day touring Pompeii as we traveled from Rome to Amalfi and then 2 full days (three nights) in Amalfi and then one final day in Rome before we flew home. I think everything was the perfect length of time if you have that long! We used public trains the whole time and it was a breeze. Some tickets were booked in advance, others were booked the day of. We did pre-book all of our accommodations which I would recommend because if you book central locations you can pretty much walk everywhere in each city. We loved ArtViva for tours if you are planning on doing any, especially the Tuscany tours! You are going to have a fabulous time! Eat everything!


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