Life Lately

Well, it’s been long enough since my last post that I just had to re-read the whole thing to remember what I wrote about. So in case it isn’t obvious…my goal of writing more than one post a month post baby clearly hasn’t happened yet. Baby steps. Literally.

Life is different. Getting a little more normal new normal everyday but oh so different. And for the record, new normal means I have realized that I have so much less control than I once imagined, and that as soon as I think I know the “schedule”, it changes. What is it they say? The only constant in life is change. Changing schedules and changing diapers. Welcome to evening mom-brain.

At about two months old Amelia started sleeping through the night, and now at a little over three months old we are still going strong…which is amazing! Especially for a breastfed baby, apparently? She’s always been a great sleeper so it’s definitely not anything we’ve done. I’m going to chalk it up to luck and cross my fingers that this is one aspect of the ever changing “schedule” that does not change.

Amelia Kicks
Please keep sleeping my sweet girl

And lest I misrepresent my baby and lead you to believe shes perfect and so easy, she isn’t. Well…she IS perfect to me of course. I think she is a good baby, and a normal baby, but not necessarily an ‘easy’ baby. She is a fantastic sleeper but when she is awake she is very alert and likes a lot of stimulation. This means she does NOT like to be laid down on a play mat or left to her own devices for more than a few minutes. She likes to be held, in front of your body so that she can see and be a part of everything you are doing. I think she has got serious FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out for the non-millennials ). I HOPE this means shes going to be one smart cookie one day, but I KNOW it means it is very hard to get things done during the day. Sleeping through the night means her naps are brief and there is really only so much you can do efficiently with one hand the rest of the time.

Amelia Smiles
Don’t let this angelic face fool you

So life is different. I use a lot more dry shampoo, do a lot more laundry and have become really skilled at reaching into the backseat to find and replace pacifiers while driving.

But it’s getting more normal.

I’m exercising again, which has been great for my mental health and helped me feel more like myself again. I’m also getting back into cooking as we’ve finally run out of freezer meals and food brought by friends (literally the best thing you can do for new moms). Granted, cooking still looks a little different. We are doing more Hello Fresh deliveries than we previously did and I don’t hesitate to splurge for convenience these days.

Dinner: the potatoes were pre-made, the onions were pre-chopped and Robert grilled everything. I DID chop the zucchini and season the veggies before putting them in a grill pan so that counts right? 

We typically eat dinner after Amelia goes to bed so I try to keep prep as minimal as possible. This means lots of pre-chopped veggies and simple meals with just a few ingredients. Bagged salads with grilled meat or tortellini on top, Zucchini noodles and pre-made meatballs, one pan roasted dinners, etc. I’ve also started paying a lot closer attention to the ready to eat section at my local Publix. Last week they had these wonderful creations:


An entire salmon dinner ready to cook in the bag! I bought two different varieties and Robert and I split both and they were really tasty! Not cheap, but a great and fairly healthy option for now.

I have also finally found a protein bar I like! Perfect timing because things I can eat one handed are literally the best right now and sometimes my only option. These Perfect Bar’s are in the refrigerated section and they are really yummy. Coconut peanut butter and Dark Chocolate Almond are my favorites. Like all bars they have a fair amount of sugar but the protein is good and the ingredients are all real food and not weird powders and fake sugars made in a lab.


I also discovered these “Just crack an egg” cups. The price is a little high, but again, I can make and consume these one handed so they are a win. If you try these and you want them to actually fill you up then crack two eggs and increase your microwave time by a minute. To make it a meal I also add a toasted English muffin with spinach. It’s like a deconstructed egg sandwich, that you eat with a fork and make in the microwave…yummm 🙂 Trust me, despite the sound of microwaved eggs, they are actually good.

Soon Amelia will be able to occupy herself for longer, and sit up, and do any number of amazing new things. I think as she grows, so will my capacity for the degree of difficulty in a recipe I’m willing to tackle. Til then, we’ll take it slow cooker and easy. I’ll leave you with this sweet picture of my smiley, sleeping through the night, sometimes difficult but still perfect babe.

Amelia Laughs

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