Watermelon Caprese Skewers

Happy Monday! Today marks the first full week of summer break and it is glorious! Renly has mastered sleeping in, I’m still working on it.

 Spring Break Renly

Robert and I had a big weekend; a family cookout Friday evening, a trip to Savannah Saturday to celebrate a friends wedding and we stayed busy Sunday celebrating our own first anniversary!


Robert surprised me with gorgeous flowers, a beautiful gift and our wedding pictures when we arrived home from Savannah. He is so thoughtful and romantic (most of the time Winking smile).

 Anniversary Gift

After exchanging gifts we spent the afternoon paddle boarding and then went out for a delicious dinner. When we got home we watched our wedding video before bed, so glad we had that made to be able to re-live the day every year! If you are planning a wedding and are on the fence about a videographer, do it, you won’t regret it!

_AKP9279 JM7A8841

It’s hard to believe a year has already passed since our own walk down the aisle. Despite a little rain, our wedding was absolutely perfect (as everyone’s should be!) and we enjoyed reminiscing about our special day and the past year. Robert and I dated for about 6 years before we got married, 4 of which were long distance, and we both agreed that this past year has been the best and easiest we have shared to date.


Marriage is truly a blessing and there is no one I’d rather have by my side to help me navigate this sometimes tough, usually wonderful and always beautiful and exciting life.


Ok, enough sappy stuff Smile Let’s rewind to Friday so I can share this tasty summer appetizer with you! Robert’s aunt and uncle came to town Friday and we decided to grill out for dinner. I’ve been asked to bring the salad to the last few family get togethers and was getting a little burnt out (not to mention running out of salad ideas!), so I was thrilled when I was asked to bring an appetizer this time.


It has been REALLY hot in Hilton Head lately so I wanted to do something light and refreshing. I remembered seeing a Skinnytaste recipe for Memorial Day that involved watermelon in place of traditional tomato and mozzarella caprese. Tis certainly the season for watermelon and Robert isn’t a tomato fan so I thought I’d give it a try. I also happened to already have a large container of arugula in the fridge that was destined for a dinner salad that never materialized due to a last minute girls night. I guess it was meant to be!

Ingredients Cubes

I picked up some fresh mozzarella and pre-sliced watermelon (clutch) and this appetizer came together in a snap! Layering the skewers was a little time consuming but you could easily transition this into a salad and it would be even FASTER. I actually plan to pick up some shrimp later today and do just that tonight with the leftovers!

Completed Skewer EVOO S and P

Hope you enjoy this refreshing recipe and have a great start to the week! Robert and I leave Thursday for Chicago for the weekend, we’re both first timers so let me know if you have any must see or do’s, we can’t wait!

close up close up 2

Watermelon Caprese Skewers


1 container of pre-cut watermelon, cubed into 1/2 inch squares

1 8 oz. ball of fresh Mozzarella Cheese, cubed (or you could buy the mini balls and save yourself some dicing)

1 5 oz. bag/container of Arugula

Salt and fresh cracked Pepper

Extra Virgin Olive Oil to drizzle

Balsamic Reduction to drizzle (You can purchase this to save time or reduce your own on the stove)

Flat Toothpicks



1. Cube your watermelon and mozzarella cheese.

2. Layer a cheese cube, 2-3 pieces of arugula (I bundled a few pieces together and then threaded it) and a watermelon cube on each tooth pick. Chill until ready to serve.

3. Drizzle the assembled skewers with olive oil, salt and fresh cracked pepper and balsamic reduction before serving!

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