Caprese Frittata and Friendship

Happy Holidays! I can’t believe it’s December…and that I only have a 10 month old for one more week. That means I will have an 11 month old for only one month and then boom…my baby is a year old and not such a baby any longer. Insert all the crying emojis.

Amelia Christmas

10 months has been the most fun yet. Considering it has coincided with the winter holiday season it has also been the busiest yet. Amelia is now crawling and starting to pull up and clapping and pointing and doing some baby signs and eating EVERYTHING…all in the last month. I am equal parts proud of all the new developments, excited for the things to come and nostalgic for the days that we first brought her home from the hospital and I didn’t quite know what to do with her. Those days sure don’t seem like almost 11 months ago. And back then I couldn’t imagine being where I am now. Time is funny like that.

A few weeks ago Amelia and I had a visit from my two best friends from college, Anna and Michelle. They are also some of my favorite traveling companions as you’ll remember from Maine, Canada and even as far back as China!


The three of us lived together our last two years of college and they are some of my very favorite people who hold some of my very favorite memories. Lots has changed since those days, but when we are all together its just the same as it always was. This visit was extra special because not only was it the first time the three of us have all been together again since we went to Maine, but they also got to meet and spend more time with Amelia! Seeing your best friends loving your children is pretty incredible.


Our visit was low key and just right. We went to dinner, lounged around the house, took Amelia shopping, ate chili and watched football and did lots of watching the baby in anticipation of her starting to crawl. Despite Anna and Michelle’s best efforts to teach her she still waited another week or two to start. A for effort guys!

I ended that weekend with a profound sense of appreciation for old friendships. I am always thankful for the wonderful people I get to call friends, but lately I have been overcome with the knowledge of just how precious my female friendships are. I exchanged Christmas presents last night with my two best friends here, Justice and Lindsay. I ended the evening with a profound sense of appreciation for new friendships too. Justice and Lindsay made Hilton Head finally feel like “home” and I cherish the time we spend together. Reuniting with Anna and Michelle also feels like coming home. I always say I would rather be with Robert than anyone else in the world, and I would, but the older I get, especially in this season of new motherhood, the more I realize that time with these girls is also necessary to my health and happiness. How lucky I am to have all four of them and a few other wonderful women who also fall into this category ❤

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Watermelon Caprese Skewers

Happy Monday! Today marks the first full week of summer break and it is glorious! Renly has mastered sleeping in, I’m still working on it.

 Spring Break Renly

Robert and I had a big weekend; a family cookout Friday evening, a trip to Savannah Saturday to celebrate a friends wedding and we stayed busy Sunday celebrating our own first anniversary!


Robert surprised me with gorgeous flowers, a beautiful gift and our wedding pictures when we arrived home from Savannah. He is so thoughtful and romantic (most of the time Winking smile).

 Anniversary Gift

After exchanging gifts we spent the afternoon paddle boarding and then went out for a delicious dinner. When we got home we watched our wedding video before bed, so glad we had that made to be able to re-live the day every year! If you are planning a wedding and are on the fence about a videographer, do it, you won’t regret it!

_AKP9279 JM7A8841

It’s hard to believe a year has already passed since our own walk down the aisle. Despite a little rain, our wedding was absolutely perfect (as everyone’s should be!) and we enjoyed reminiscing about our special day and the past year. Robert and I dated for about 6 years before we got married, 4 of which were long distance, and we both agreed that this past year has been the best and easiest we have shared to date.


Marriage is truly a blessing and there is no one I’d rather have by my side to help me navigate this sometimes tough, usually wonderful and always beautiful and exciting life.


Ok, enough sappy stuff Smile Let’s rewind to Friday so I can share this tasty summer appetizer with you! Robert’s aunt and uncle came to town Friday and we decided to grill out for dinner. I’ve been asked to bring the salad to the last few family get togethers and was getting a little burnt out (not to mention running out of salad ideas!), so I was thrilled when I was asked to bring an appetizer this time.


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